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Service: remote document attestation conducted by video for: affidavits, certificates and statutory declarations and other documents requiring attestation.


  1. One document for attestation per appointment (for example, one affidavit).
  2. No service is offered for guarantees or any agreement under the Relationships (Property) Act 1976.
  3. New Zealand deponents only.
  4. The Legal Drive shall use it best endeavors to return the attested document within 24 hours. The Legal Drive does not make any commitment to provide any service by any particular date or time. This remains the case notwithstanding any objective deadlines communicated by any person to the Legal Drive (for example, procedural or Court-imposed deadlines, or limitation). If this stipulation is unsatisfactory then you will need to make other arrangements.
  5. The procedure to be adopted is as follows (this section is incorporated into the terms and conditions for use of the Website and provision of products and services via the Website):
    1.  There is a video call generally by Zoom. The deponent must be familiar with this process in advance and have checked their camera and microphone.
    2. The deponent must be in a position to print documents, and must have printed out all documents before video call.
    3. The deponent will be required to hold up the pages individually to the person attesting the document.
    4. The deponent must have photographic ID ready–either a passport or a driver’s licence.
    5. In appropriate cases, forms of electronic signing will be considered and may be agreed by The Legal Drive on a case by case basis. In that case either DocuSign or the signing tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will be used. In each case the deponent must be familiar with the process before the video call. Where DocuSign is used, the deponent must have a paid (i.e., not “trial”) account. Where the deponent has a new account the deponent must have conducted a trial run.
    6. Where advance familiarity is required, as set out above, it is the responsibility of the person arranging the document to be attested (usually a lawyer) to ensure the deponent has gained the necessary familiarity.
    7. The Legal Drive does not make any commitment to assist any person with how to use any software. Where there is a technological challenge that is not the responsibility of The Legal Drive, where the appointment finishes without the process having been completed, payment must be made for a further booking. Generally this will be a booking via the Website. Where there is no such booking an invoice will be provided which is payable upon presentation.
    8. No services are provided after 5:30pm NZT. Where The Legal Drive agrees to perform extra work after this time (having agreed in writing to do so), additional time shall be charged at the rate of $300 plus GST per hour, with respect to which The Legal Drive shall send an invoice which is payable upon presentation.
    9. Cancellations policy: greater than 24 hours’ notice: full refund. 24 to 12 hours: 50% refund. Less than 12 hours: no refund. Any refund shall be net of the payment-gateway charge paid by Remote Legal. As of 9 April 2022 this amount is $1.30 per order. This amount may change although it should be around this figure.
    10. In providing an attestation service The Legal Drive makes no warranty that any documents will be accepted for filing by any Court or tribunal. It is up to the responsible lawyer and the deponent to satisfy themselves as to what process is satisfactory.

The price is GST exclusive.

As noted above, the attestation service is provided subject to these terms and conditions.

After the order has been accepted by Remote Legal, someone will be in touch with the intended deponent to arrange a video conference.


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